These posts from time to time help me track my status because I’m not using anything sophisticated like Excel.

ituneslogoI went into the third week  5-11 down $180 dollars betting NFL.  I was 6-3 in College up +87.  My fantasy teams had won exactly 2 games out of 8 and I was even in Fanduel betting.

My tweeted bets on the Packers and Giants split, the Saints pushed, I lost a 4 team teaser, lost on the Broncos and won on the Steelers.  All of this action ended in a net loss of $18.  It extends the record to 7-13-1.  I had the most money on the Saints and the Giants.

On Saturday I pushed the college record to 8-4 with wins on Virginia and Clemson, losing Florida for a net win of $17 dollars.  Betting games this weekend broke even including all juice going into Monday night.

Fantasy-Football-WizardIt was my best showing in fantasy as I have already won 2 games and have 2 pending.  I need Alshon to go over 15 points and B Marsh to go under 12.6 for a perfect showing.  I had one coaching mistake by sitting Kniles over Colston which I forgot because I was waiting on news about Charles.

Fanduel was a different story this week.  I joined 6 tournaments and only have a shot of winning money in 1.  Shayne Graham, Pats D, Khiry Robinson, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Donnel were in many of my lineups and they were all duds.  If B Marsh goes over 8 points and Cutler doesn’t score 12.4 more than B Marsh, I’ll salvage $67 dollars after starting with $150.  If he goes over 38 I’ll win more but that’s doubtful.  Po0r showing.