thefaultinourstars_I finished the widely renowned book called “the Fault in Our Stars” last night and I will give it a thumbs up.  It’s hard not to come away from the book with a new perspective on the cruelty of life and how some people have to deal with it.  The book is about 300 pages in big font and I would say it took about 5 hours to read.  It’s a quick read and very emotional at times.  This book brought tears to my eyes in 2 spots.

Fault_in_our_starsI had no idea that a movie was made of this book and released back in June.  This disappoints me a little because I have a feeling the book is a better way of experiencing these words.  The idea that you create the characters in your mind means that they can only be realized that way by you and gives it a personal touch.  A movie simplifies the process and thus dilutes it.

There is no way that Augustus in the movie is how I played him out in my mind. When I read, I don’t build the character by appearance.  It’s more of a ghost character going through what the book is telling me what they do.  I see this picture now of Hazel and I went through the entire book picturing her completely bald and pathetic. It didn’t matter though because looks mean nothing to the actual story.  Either way, I recommend reading the book and not watching the movie I haven’t watched.