A couple of posts down you can find my first letter to Radio104.5 and a couple of days ago they responded with this.  I’d bet a million dollars it was  girl who responded to the email due to the lack of caps and multiple same letters in words.

hi tom! thanks for all the thoughts! we are glad you like weezer. it seems sooo many of our listeners do. i am a bit confused as to why you think ‘pork and beans’ is “ancient”…that was on their last album. you are right though, they have a huge library and we try to cover  what we can. just last week we played 11 different songs from them!
however you must know that radio stations cannot, by law, play everything that an artist releases. thats why they have “radio singles” if we were to play a song that wasnt released some artist will go so far as to issue a cease and desist letter stating that if we continue to play the song they will sue. that restricts us a lot to say the least.
we actually have spun the gaslight anthem a bit here and there but when we ask for thoughts/reactions we never get much of a positive response for them. eh, it doesnt mean we will give up on them yet!
oh, and finally the pause you heard during the cranberries was not meant to be comical. we DO NOT take liberties like that. we were have some technical difficulties that day. sorry!

I think it’s good to see them respond to my letter showing that they might actually take what their listeners think seriously.