ravenssteelersSo my 0-7 streak on betting NFL is over.  I hit the Ravens -3 last night for $30 dollars to win $34.  That puts the record at 1-7 (-$186) for the season.  Since I didn’t tweet the bet it’s hard to count as official but I have the screen shot to prove it from Bovada.  This brings me into this weekend where some action will be taken.  Picks will be placed throughout the weekend and I’ll put them on Twitter if you wish to do the opposite.

I also entered a $55 FanDuel tournament against 3 people which is a different strategy than I’ve been implementing.  I was doing a smaller buy in with more players but this may prove more effective.  My start though wasn’t ideal as I listened to the FanDuel guru Evan and played Torrey Smith last night.  He was a bust but at least I had Justin Tucker to offset him a tad.  It’s still playing behind the 8 ball but I’m not too worried.  I also want to add that I have no problem with a person suggestion a player who does poorly as long as they had conviction and logic behind it.

I got some inside info from the Shee on who to pick in the FedEx tourny for 10 million and he said Billy Horschel.  I did this:


He fired a 4 under yesterday to sit atop the leaderboard after round 1.   Should be fun heading into the weekend.

Philly Rock and RollThese are the easiest posts to write because they don’t require me to think, only rehash reality.  Being the case, I should add that I’m almost ready for the half marathon as I’ve been able to run 8 miles without stopping in decent time.  In 2 weeks I’ve improved significantly.  I was in good 5k shape but nowhere near half shape when I started.  The first day of training I ran 7 straight miles with 6:45 being the fastest.  2 days ago I ran 8 with 6:18 being the fastest.  I still have 9 days so I’ll try to get 10 straight without stopping at around this pace and then I can feel confident I’ll at least be able to finish 13.1 without dying.

I also watched Good Morning, Vietnam which stars Robin Williams.  It was one of his first full feature roles and received 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.  I liked it but one scene in particular stole the show.  Without ruining anything, Williams is quitting his radio gig due to the lack of appreciation he is getting from his superiors.  This scene reminds him why he does what he does. Starts at 7:13.