I had an encounter yesterday that gave me this bright idea. I was running down Kelly Drive and up ahead there was a hottie with definite potential. As I get closer I can tell that I’m spot on and this girl is a perfect 10. Problem is I have no good way of communicating with her. I can’t see her and then turn around and try to engage in a conversation because that just comes off as threatening. I can try a wave or something as I pass but it’s still pretty unusual to do that to randoms. As she passes by I realize that I have no weapons at all to attack a situation like this, then it hit me. I need to be able to channel a thought to her from my mind to hers. It would be like the facebook link that’s title “send a message” except that I’m sending it directly to her brain. How hard could this really be to put into effect. Everybody just needs to be on the same communicative channel and have some ability to control who you are sending messages to. I’m sure this could get annoying if you have messages flying at you all the time but I guess you could create an inbox for your brain where all the messages are stored.

Why do I want some sort of ability like this? I’ve heard somewhere that 3% of people are buyers right now. I’m sure this would equate to sex as well. 3% of people, probably more, will have sex with me right now, no if, and’s, or buts. So with this device I’m able to send messages to people and they can get a first person look at me and decide right then and there. If I do this to 1,000 people, 30! of them are likely to go with the idea without any pussyfooting around the issue. So this would completely revolutionize the way people are communicating. I really don’t see why it isn’t happening. We have hard drives to store data and we have radio’s for communication, now we just need to find the communication channel for brain waves and have people messaging back and forth telepathically. There would be so much cheating and manipulation that the world would be in such chaos and disorder, but I’d be able to get laid at least 30 out of 1,000 times no questions, asked.