Betting-Bad-LogoStop rolling your eyes.  This is why I’m using this as a place to test ideas.  The idea behind the blog is fairly simple, tracks all bets that are being made while giving the thought process behind the bet.  I would also include action from Fantasy Football and Fanduel.

The problem with this is that anyone and their grandmother can do this and there is no good reason they should they follow you.   The blog wouldn’t be about trying to get subscribers like Brandon Lang.  It would be a recap of overall record, how much up or down, and information about players and games.  It would be never-ending content and also a good way to track progress.

The other troubling part of this is that I’m not a tremendously great sports better.  I do it in a manageable way where it’s money that I’m willing to lose for the entertainment value.  This isn’t to say that I don’t want to win, I only bet what I can afford to lose.  At this point I probably have near 10 years of sports betting under my belt and I’m learning what things to look for.  The blog would follow one principal, YOU KNOW NOTHING.  Whatever you think, do the opposite.  Vegas are the smart ones.  If a line looks funny, it looks funny for a reason.  There is no such thing as a sure thing.

football-gambling-stock-market-sports-ecards-someecardsSince the start of May when I deposited 100 dollars, I have cashed out 350 and have 180 in my account with 25 on the Packers tonight.  This is a net of 450 or so over 5 months which isn’t going to get anyone wealthy.  I have not lost it though and have made countless bets without a re-deposit.  I find the gambling fun and if, and this is a huge if, you could actually gain an audience with the picks and sound thinking behind the bets, the audience out there is millions.

Or even funnier, you turn the site into a bunch of bad, hilarious bets.  Set up hermit crab races, who can throw a ball the furthest, or who can get a girl’s number fastest saying the line “milk me” to start.  This idea probably has way more potential.