I’m not kidding around about moving my energy to other projects.   I’m going to use this as an outlet to get a feel for the potential on some of the ideas I’ll mention in posts over the coming days.  Any feedback would be appreciated.

Theme – Usually the most noted people of history have some trademark that sets them apart.  The new site will focus on a different person every few days and dissect the life of that person and how their trait affected their life.

Examples –  

freddie-teethFreddie Mercury – One of the best showmen of our time.  His charisma could be felt by audiences of over 100,000 people when he was on stage.  He had a booming voice and enunciated his words clearly that he was one of a kind.  Why was he so amazing?  Look at those chompers.  Tell me that those chompers didn’t correlate to his amazing voice.  He was also gay, died of aids, and has an incredible story which would be told in the post.

Jordan – He is the most competitive ,man on the planet and researching the wild stories that he encountered in his life would make for an entertaining post.

Robin Williams – I read a piece on him in Rolling Stone and they said he had a computer memory.  That had to fit into his ability to impersonate anyone he wanted to.  His ups and downs would be mentioned leading to his death.


Practicality and success?

There is an infinite amount of talent in the world that this blog would never run out of ideas.  It be fun delving into famous / important / unique peoples lives and revealing what makes them special.  2 posts a week would seem about right.

I think it would come down to how interesting I could make the blog to keep readers coming back.  There is a fascination to me on how people take their talents and abilities to the next level and it would be fun to look into.