The sample size was 2,116 UK adults.

I’ve pondered this question before and I’m glad that people in their later 30’s and 40’s still feel in their prime. I can guarantee that my prime is going to be between 32-39. Aside from the possible declining athletic ability, my intelligence will continue to grow. Coincidental day for me to post this because I’m heading to a track today to time trial a mile which will be evidence towards my physical state.

ontopoftheworldObviously the best results are the guys in their 80’s who say they are still in their prime. This spurred what I thought was the best reddit comment, “I feel like the ~10% of people who answered “in my prime” at 80+ would’ve also said “in my prime” in every other age group had they been asked. That’s the life I want to lead. I’m 19 now and I’m going to be in my prime until I’m dead.”

Not being an athlete, I think prime refers to when you are the most intellectually stimulated and have the most motivation to make something happen. You have to be at your peak brain capacity to be in your prime and this only comes with experience and knowledge. This is why I think the range from 30-40 is when people should be hitting their prime. The people who answer prime in 20’s probably get burnt out from work, drugs, or life stress and think back to days when they had their free time which puts them in their prime. How can YOU be in your prime when you are raising a family and your main focus is making sure they are being crafted for their prime?

PS. I hate people who answer don’t know.