Fantasy-FootballAn inflated title but anytime you use the word advanced you garner attention.  2 simple words describe Fantasy Football’s popularity and this is a universal lesson for business 101: Gambling & Unpredictability. Nothing draws people in more than trying to guess the outcome of what is going to happen over the course of a season in order to win money and one up their buddies. It’s also a game where everyone can participate and luck plays a major factor. There is no better time of the year as drafts get started all over the country.



Don’t be fooled, TRich sucks.

1. You Can Make a Bad Pick in Rd 1

There is no bigger draft disaster than having your first round pick be a dud.  Doug Martin, Trent Richardson, Arian Foster, Ray Rice, and CJ Spiller were let downs last year.  Tell me how many teams won their league with these players on them?  The days of drafting a RB in the first round have been compromised.  I’d much prefer Calvin Johnson, DeMaryius Thomas, or Jimmy Graham as my first round pick if I’m uncertain after the top 5 RB’s.  You know what you are getting.


2. Late Rounds Draft Picks are HUGE!

People seem to discount the later rounds but steals are a plenty.  Players like Knowshon Moreno, Alshon Jeffrey, and Josh Gordon were all in the later stages of last year’s draft.  Taking flyers on guys like Bishop Sankey, Kelvin Benjamin, Cordarrelle earlier than “experts” say can pay off with big returns.


Doug Martin

Doug Martin

3. Get Guys Who Get the Ball

CJ Spiller is the perfect example of someone who is an easy RB1 if he gets the ball.  Instead he splits carries with Fred Jackson and leaves tons of yards on the field.  Doug Martin and DeMarco Murray fit this bill and perform with consistency if given the opportunity and avoid injury.  Kendall Wright and Julian Edleman were great examples of pass catching WR at the end of last year.  I’d rather have a guy who has 8 catches for 50 yards than 1 for 80.


Titus Young got arrested twice in the same day

Titus Young got arrested twice in the same day

4. Take a Chance on the Injured and Suspended

Many people don’t understand that fantasy isn’t about winning every game.  It’s about making the playoffs and letting your waiver wire prowess shine in the later weeks of the season.  Having guys like JG, Ray Rice, or Dwayne Bowe at the end of the season just because they are missing the first few games makes sense.  Percy Havin consistently falls in this category aside from this year.


5. Stream the Defense and Kicker

A league commissioner put up a vote to ditch the kicker and defense positions and I’m uncertain of the argument against the positions.  They score points and affect outcomes.  Kansas City was one of the top ranked defenses last year and probably went undrafted in 90% of leagues.  The unpredictability of this position is why you have to keep them.  2 years ago the Seahawks were playing the Cardinals with Josh Skelton at the helm.  It was the first week of the playoffs and I opened up a huge lead on Bud with A Pete and Montell Owens running wild.  I thought it was pretty much in the bag until Seattle went off for something like 40 points and it came down to Matthew Stafford unable to throw for 40 yards in the 4th quarter of MNF.  Best win of my fantasy career.  Manhandled Domination Station in the next round in case he forgot.  Play the match ups.