contactlenscaseLike so many other great stories, this one begins with a mysterious contact case.  The previous week I had left behind my standard case in Atlantic City leaving me using one of the optometrists demo cases.  The problem with these cases is that they are too shallow and the contact sits too close to where the case closes.  Yesterday morning as I reached into the case to retrieve the contact, a jagged edge of my finger nail ripped the contact.  This not only happened with one contact, but both.  I was befuddled as this is an event that rarely happens.  I installed a new pair of contacts and set off on the day.

Like magic, as I returned from the day there was a contact case awaiting me.  I had previously saw it at the top of my steps days previous but hadn’t thought much of it.  Now was the perfect time to use this mysterious case.  Last night as I was getting ready to turn in I opened the case to find it full of crust.  I ran it under water and cleaned it out he best I could.  I put my solution in, placed the contacts in, and went to the sleep.

This morning I opened the case to find a congealed state of affairs.  I barely know what congeals means but there was this jelly that had formed in the case with the contacts immersed in it.  It was pretty gross but I wasn’t giving up a brand new pair of contacts.  I cleaned off the jelly, put the contacts in my eyes, and cleaned the case out one more time.  As each contact went into my eye, it was like a lightning bolt hitting the tip of my eyeball.  They felt amazing touching my eyes.  This differs from the one previous encounter I had with using the wrong formula (my mom’s hard contact solution) that burned my eyes for a good 12 hour period.  My brain was spinning.

WMHlogowebHow many people stumble upon life’s mysteries without even trying.  What if the combination of the mystery case’s previous solution and my solution created a cure for bad eye sight?  I was amazed when my case had jelly in it this morning.  This makes me want to start combining all sorts of products and become a real scientist.  Toothpaste and shampoo.  Toilet bowl cleaner and mouthwash.  The possibilities are endless.  Never stop exploring.