WACKY GATORSGold star to you if you read the title in the voice of the crocodile from Wacky Gator. I don’t use the word livid very often but I’m livid at what happened to my PNC bank card. After having my debit card for over a year, the magnetic strip wore out and it wouldn’t swipe in the ATM. I called PNC and requested a new card. It took 3 days and I was supplied with a brand spanking new card. Yesterday, a total of having the card for 10 days, it wouldn’t swipe. I’m a problem solver and Sherlock Holmes’d the shit out this.

This is how I keep the cards in my wallet.


The problem with this is that whenever I take a card from behind another card, the raised numbers on the card swipe against the magnetic strip of the card in front. This caused the strip to become nicked and thus not work. This brand new card was ruined in less than two weeks.


This is a major inconvenience because I can’t get money and am going away for a few days. I have to find a PNC in an area that I’m not familiar with and withdraw money or pay everything by credit card which I’m sure people do. This does mean that I won’t be blogging for the next few days so don’t expect anything.