This is evidence that we are failing as a country.

On another note, I got pretty hammered yesterday. It was a perfect day out and felt like a good day to live it up. I’ve been trying to maintain a Hunter S. Thompson persona by getting fucked up but still maintaining myself. I’d give myself a 3 out of 10 last night. My bartender friends weren’t working so I wasn’t getting drink specials. I went with 6 twenty dollar bills and when I woke up this morning (feeling like P Diddy) and I had 0 bills in my wallet and about 30 ones and such sprawled out on my desk. I can’t exactly recollect walking back but I made it home safely and in one piece. I’m a big fan of off day drinking so I had a good time. Tonight I’m going to the Capital Grille with JC and Nance and and my sister so that should be fun. I also have to thank Jill for winking at 21 girls on I’ve had an account for a couple years but have never used it and I gave her the reigns and she winked at a myriad of girls. Typically these girls don’t live up to my standards but we’ll see.