Kim K Wet TshirtThese are some nice pictures of Kim K in Mexico on a recent Honeymoon with Kanye.  I don’t know the details of the relationship aside from they had a baby, then got married, and are now looking to have another baby.  I know the general public thinks that she has no talent and doesn’t deserve any fame but lets give her some serious credit, she is working hard to get that body in banging shape.  These pictures are 8 months after having a baby.  Let’s think about the thought process of these pictures.

She knows she looks good.  There isn’t even anyone else at the pool.  She’s getting snapped looking like she has no idea she is being photographed.  How high quality are these pictures for some random paparazzi?  She is capturing her moment of brilliance while all eyes are on her.  She won’t always look like this and that is why this is the perfect time to strike.  The idea behind pictures like this is sneaky good.

How many eyes are going to see these pictures?  That Imgur gallery just went up 700 people in the last 5 minutes.  700 people don’t come to my blog a year.  There is some serious power in that huge, well rounded ass.  What a life.  The people who diss her are only jealous of her ability to do nothing and earn millions of dollars.  Where is this plotted pic coming from?

mvXiY7UKanye!  This marriage only happened at the end of May.  He locked that shit up before he started bringing out the money making guns.  He makes his living by using his brain in business and he just planned into his biggest asset.  (I was going to use moneymaker but both are good choices).  Look at that fucking picture!!!!  It’s perfect.  I know virtually nothing about Kim Kardashian but this was one of the few times my brain landed on a picture of her and made my mind start spinning.

This is business at its finest and Kanye has everything to do with these photos.  Give the man his props.  “My life is dope and I do dope shit” – Kanye