So usually Wednesday Mornings are my Dunkin Doughnuts days. I get an everything bagel with cream cheese, 2 glazed doughnuts, and a medium coffee even though I don’t really drink coffee. However, last Friday the girl gave me a raisin bran bagel and I obviously wasn’t very happy. I didn’t get breakfast either Monday or Tuesday so I was already off my usual schedule but I decide to get a sausage, egg, and cheese from this place on Delaware ave. Now the people know who I am at this point and they know I always get a sausage, egg, and cheese, but today I wanted to throw them a curve ball. I ordered a Bacon, egg, and cheese and I think I blew the woman’s mind. She was in complete confusion and in complete malfunction mode. I’m not really sure what spurred this bizarre behavior from me but I wanted to swap things up a bit and keep things real. I actually thought the bacon was pretty good and maybe I’ll intertwine that with my normal meal. Aside from that though, everything is pretty normal. I lost 2 34 dollar heads up last night to some donk so I’m obviously not pleased about that and I went 2-2 on bball bets which netted me 2 dollars.

I put in a really good workout yesterday with 12 miles with all the miles between 6:10 and 6:30 which I thought was really good for the time being. I have a week and a half before broad street and with a run like that and still some more time to train I think race pace should clear 6 pretty easily. I feel pretty good today and hopefully this will continue into the weekend. Work has been busy and I have a lot of work to put in for the new website so I’ll have my hands full. Things are good though.