The Worst Human Feelings

There are times in life where being alive sucks.  We live for the ups and deal with the downs.  Without ever experiencing the downs, you wouldn’t know how good the ups can be.  Here are a few downs in life that should be avoided at all costs.


ATM Pain

An-empty-walletThe Roulette wheel just struck red and you were certain you were using your Jedi mind trick to force push it into black.  Adios last 100 dollar bill.   Moths just flew out of your wallet and the strip of your ATM card has been through hell and back.  It’s 2am, you’re 12 beers deep, and now have to stumble to the ATM to get more gambling money.  You go through the process, request money, the machine starts processing your request…..and comes back with the message, “You’ve reached your daily limit.  Not dispensing money.”  Heartbreak.

This pain hits on about 4 key levels of disappointment.

  • The fact that you hit your daily limit means that you’ve already lost whatever your bank allows you to withdraw in a day.  Losing money is always a horrible feeling.
  • The ATM is preventing you from getting more money which means you can’t gamble anymore and the night is essentially over.  I’ve seen people draw against their credit cards and this is always hitting near rock bottom.
  • Problem two about not getting money is that you can’t even get money for normal services like food or taxi.
  • You feel like such a degenerate that the machine had to cut you off.  Anyone around you sees that you can’t get money and your prestige sinks in everyone’s mind.


Sports Errors


Barbosa of the 1950 Brazil World Cup team

Have you heard of Moacyr Barbosa Nascimento?  He was the goalie for the 1950 World Cup Brazil soccer team.  In 50′ Brazil was hosting the World Cup and had built a new stadium to accommodate the huge crowd.  The city was pumped because they were the favorite to win and it was their chance to show the world their domination.  In the final game against Uruguay, goalkeeper Barbosa let in 2 goals and Brazil suffered defeat 2-1.  He was forever shunned and hated in Brazil for giving up “soft” goals.   This isn’t fair.

Bill Buckner.  Chris Webber.  Scott Norwood.  The names are endless for players’s mistakes made in sports that cost their team championships.  It’s horrible because FANS place the entire blame on this one person for the team losing.  This player is saddled with this mistake for the rest of their lives.  I get disappointed when I make an error in an intramural game, I can only imagine doing it on a world scale and having people hate me for it.  LACES OUT!


The Blackout Conversation

“Last night was crazy, huh?”

“Yep. Pretty wild.”

“Yea…we were all pretty shit faced, right?”

“Haha, yeah man, you were completely gone.”

“Heh….yeah, I didn’t do anything stupid did I?”


The-Hangover-Blacking-OutI’ve been there countless times where I wake up in my bed and have no idea how I got there.  My head is aching and I’m happy to be alive and awake.  My mind immediately goes into the last waking memory I have.  I know it’s trouble when the last thing I remember is not going to the bar when I know the plan was to go to the bar.  Blacking out is easily one of the scariest moments because ANYTHING can happen.  You can’t dismiss any possibility.  It’s one thing when you only embarrass yourself, but when you start affecting other people’s world’s with your antics, this is when the shame really starts to hit.  Never fun.