This is going to be an off the wall explanation but something that I wish I had grasped earlier in life.  I was browsing Reddit and saw this pic:

Video Game Boredom

3 heavys started building a tower, rest of the server decided to join.

The second I saw this picture I immediately knew that I was wasting my time. The split second. I spent a lot of my youth playing video games and have absolutely nothing to show for it. The games are fun and entertaining but also a carnivore of time. Who cares how many frags you have? Or if you you’ve never heard of (I’d advise you to quit at 80%). I even remember getting stuck on levels or checkpoints during single player or have to try to finish the game because it didn’t save. I did the entire gaming ordeal for a while and I haven’t seriously played video games in many years.   Video games are fun but do not add to life skills.

If I could have learned a language or spent more time on a single thing more valuable to life, I’d be better off than playing video games. I will never hate on video games, but I know that Real Life is more important. Pictures of real life events will always win over video games 99% of the time.  Getting lost in a video game is a good way to not participate in life.  Sad but true.

future-video-gamesfuture-video-game-systemsthe-used-game-conundrum-better-by-you-e9kmg90rThis era though will be the first of mankind to experience video games. Think about it, Romans and Greeks could barely wipe their ass and now we are controlling virtual people and living vicariously through virtual characters. This is the first generation to experience video games. In 2100, they will look back at our shitty 8 bit Mario and be like “what fucking idiots”. Hopefully they will read this post and say that at least some people realized it at the time.