You can click on the picture for a more detailed look but the site pulled in a whopping 2,300 visits last Friday. This eclipsed the old mark of just over 1,500 a few years ago. How did this happen you ask? Elementary, my dear Watson.

Webstats 4-14-14

I can thank Katy Perry’s breasts for this huge run of traffic. A post I made with a few Katy Perry gifs was linked in the comment section of this post on hugelol. Something so simple brought in about 1,800 people to the site in one day. Now don’t get me wrong, the post is a fine post but required little thought and very little production. This was dumb luck. However it proves something that I probably knew but didn’t know how powerful it was, comments in posts get eyeballs. Why I don’t go around the internet and start throwing my links around I’m not sure.

If you notice though, the post has to be good because without the upvotes, there is no way it would have rose to prominence. Sure it’s a cheap way of getting traffic, but eyeballs equal value. This is just another way of getting your site out there. Will I do more of this? Perhaps.