I know I’m a dick.  Society has gotten to be such wusses that most people with any competitive spirits are also dicks.  I live by a certain set of beliefs that has been molded throughout my life experiences.    Below you will find a video of something that I would never stand for.

If you watch the video and can’t tell what I’m referring to, than you probably didn’t see that double high five given for missing a spare that should have been gotten.  A high five is basically saying you didn’t do that great and we’re all OK with that.  It’s celebrating mediocrity.   It reminds me of Meet the Fockers when Greg says, “Most people aren’t proud of sixth place ribbons.”  This goes the same for when people miss foul shots at the free throw line.  You shouldn’t get high fives for missing something you are supposed to make.  Fuck encouragement.  Results count in competition.