tennisThis Friday night the Shee and I were looking for some action and the Shee made mention of a tennis bet he won sometime in the past.  The Australian Open was being broadcast live at 9pm that night and seemed like a different form of entertainment.  The Shee constructed an 8 player parlay picking all the heavy favorites found below:

8 Team Parlay #330125386
Federer, R -5000 Jan 17/14@08:40p
Murray, A -1000 Jan 17/14@10:30p
Nishikori, K -750 Jan 18/14@03:00a
Nadal, R -1100 Jan 18/14@04:00a
Berdych, T -900 Jan 18/14@05:00p
Djokovic, N -5000 Jan 18/14@05:00p
Azarenka, V -2000 Jan 18/14@03:00a
Radwanska, A -500 Jan 17/14@08:50p

Needless to say, the 50 dollar bet won 50 dollars.  I should note that Radswanka was the only player to lose a SET!  I’m aware this isn’t big money but I stayed up late last night to watch Tomas Berdych put a beatdown on Kenny Anderson.  The strategy seems incredibly obvious but let’s get something straight, Serena was bounced from the tournament and I’m sure she was a bigger favorite than half of those lines.  Anything can happen.

This little story takes us into NFL Sunday with the 2 Conference championship games on the line.  The Broncos are giving 4 points to the Patriots and the Seahawks are giving a generous 3 to the 49ers.  Earlier in the week I put 100 dollars on both the Pats and the Niners so that I would guarantee I had some action on the games.  I did this because on Monday night I made a stupid bet of betting Butler against Creighton and lost 60 of the 400 I won the week before.  The goal of this bet was to juice the account but I actually was anti-juicing.  Fortunately the Shee won that cash back and I’m back where I finished last week at.


The Shee likes the Bronco’s in the 3pm game but I was already on the Pats.  Everyone remembers the Pats coming back from a 28-0 halftime deficit in week 12 and my gut tells me that this is going to be a close game.  One little point to remember is that the Pats had Gronk for that game and he was a huge contributor.  Gronk is obviously out but so is the Broncos starting cornerback Chris Harris.  In the second half of the Week 12 game, Brady didn’t throw a single pass towards Chris Harris do give an indication of how strong a player he is.  The Shee thinks that Manning is destined for the Superbowl but that doesn’t mean that they are going to cover the game.  LeGarrette Blount is coming off a 4 TD man’s game and Belichick is a stronger coach than John Fox.  I think it’ll be a very exciting game.

I have some cash on the 49ers too and I’m not even going to try and say I have a strong intuition either way on this game.  The Hawks looked great last week on defense against the Saints and their home field advantage is always in play.  Their offense though can be abysmal.  The 49ers have a strong coach in Jim Harbaugh but Pete Carroll is no slouch either.  Kapernick relies on his legs to move the chains at times and I don’t see Seattle giving that up too easily.  This means Kap will have to go through the air which means there is a greater chance for mistakes.  The way I see it, the offense of both teams will struggle and the Niners will cover the (large) 3 point spread in this game.  If that Pats do indeed win, I should have somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 on the Niners.   All house money.