I could call out in the comment section of the last post but I like devoting an entire post just to make sure we’re all on point here. Unless I’m mistaken, I searched the last post for any word starting with “the” and came across two there’s. There’s is a contraction for there is and used properly in both spots. They’re means they are and wouldn’t make sense. So either I’m even dumber than I thought or someone must be mistaken. Plus the call out at the end. Correct me if I’m wrong.

So I’m going to do some bragging here mixed in with the problems of my life. Let’s start with finance and 3 particular situations, followed by the harsh reality. (I’ll make this brief because I’m sure it will bore a few). I did a college project on the movie rental industry senior year of college. My group determined that Netflix will be the industry leader, Blockbuster will decline, and the movie gallery will go BK. Netflix was trading at 10 when the project started and now it’s 70. Blockbuster is trading for pennies now and it was trading for 9 bucks 5 years ago. Movie Gallery is no longer. Example 2, I personally told Sam Levin that I thought Palm was overvalued at 12-15 bucks or so because I thought the product was weak and the financials looked terrible, it is now trading at 5 bucks and I even tried to buy put options but couldn’t figure it out on first glance and gave up trying. Example 3, I owned baidu at 125 dollars in 08′, and it is now trading at 573 dollars a share. I sold it at 150. Point being through all this, I have some good ideas but my execution is just not there. The harsh reality is that I’ve bought thousands of shares of Sirius radio, which I still own, and it’s trading at 93 cents. I’ve bought it so many times I don’t even know my cost basis but it has to be 2+. I own RIMM which has been a fine move but hardly a knockout. I do my best to understand how to play this game but my timing is just god awful. I do have faith though that this will turn around at some point in the future.

A quick poker brag and then once again the harsh reality. Go to sharkscope and type me in under pokerstars and see the havoc. I’ve played 4,000 sngs for a measly profit and my account has been cursed. Find me many recreational players who have played more games than I have. Do you have any idea how many hands I’ve played in cash games? Thousand upon thousand upon thousands. When I think I’m better than you at poker I have the experience to back it up. People don’t play this many games without being a good player. However, I can’t win at this game because I have this poor money mgmt and even if you’re the best player in the world (i’m not), you can’t beat the game without money management. I know I can be a good player but I just haven’t been able to put the pieces together to be truly profitable. Once again, I know I’m good, I know I know what I’m talking about, I just am not displaying results. Anything that I like doing I generally try to put forth as much effort as possible. I have done this in a sense with poker and have pretty much given up due to lack of profit and wasting of time.

I obviously brag about running. I know that the majority of people out there could care less. This is easily the worst “sport” to be good at. There’s no excitement, no drama, no one really cares. I finished in the 151 out of 11,000 males (no need to count females although 9 did beat me) in the broad street last year and I expect to do better this year. This is what I’m good at and you come to this blog so you will learn. Sure I can’t make a layup in bball or throw a baseball accurately but honestly who even cares how a team does in some rec league. Yes our bball team went 0-8 but is that going to stop me from entering the summer league, no way. I’ve grown so far past records and stats that I’m happy to play the game and will enjoy it the best I can.

I’ll brag in my taste for movies. I watched the six sense for the first time in a couple years and this movie deserves the 4 star rating on Comcast’s description. It gave me chills at some parts, made me feel emotion in others. You feel for the characters which is what I was explaining about Pelham. There’s no way that Sixth Sense can be a good movie and Pelham can be a good movie. They are so far apart in how good they are that the rating scale needs to be used appropriately. Say I give 6th sense a 9.5 which would signify an incredibly good rating, Pelham has to be AT LEAST 4 points lower which would put it at a 5.5 and thus an avg movie. When you clarify something is good, you have to compare it to something to understand how good it really is. I also want to explain how the rating system comes into play. Jkash made a point that going for a girl that is a 10 is usually not the best move due to their inflated self image and hard to get mentality. You want the 7.5 girl who has a personality and will treat you with respect. He thought that a 7.5 would signify that she would be better than 75% of other girls. I gave him my thought that even though she’s a 7.5 rating she can easily be better than 75% of other girls. People will read this and call me “shallow” (this term will be my new thing) but I want to explain. This rating scale doesn’t really mean anything. People with low self esteem are the ones who get hurt by this. I would have no problem if girls would give me a 2, you just retaliate with insults against them until you bring their self esteem down to your rating. Also please don’t bring this up to me in conversation, it just leads to failure.

Here’s one final thing. If you have read my blog earlier and you see me in person in the future and I bring up something that you read, don’t be an asshole and let me repeat what you already know, just stop me and tell me that you already know.