I’ve had 2 events happen to me in the past 24 hours that I have no explanation for how they happen as they do. If the timing would have been 10 seconds different, things would have played out in a completely different manner. In no way do I think there is any outside source working here, it’s strictly coincidence.


Situation 1
Last night I got locked out of my house. I finished at the gym and had to go to CVS to pick up body wash and TP. As I walked down the steps I saw Jeff sitting there and said, “here are my keys, I’m going to CVS.” I left my keys on the table because he had to use my car for a basketball game later in the night. I wrongfully assumed that in the 10 minutes I’d be gone that Jeff would still be there. As I returned, he had left to go to a basketball without putting 2 and 2 together that I didn’t have my keys. I do not blame him for this as I should not have left without having a way back in just in case something like this were to happen. That miscommunication had me bewildered when I returned back home to find a locked door. I tried calling him but to no avail. Now this is where things get interesting.

I knew Jeff’s game was at 9pm and he would have to get my car before 8:15 to make it to his bball game on time. It was 6:15 when I got locked out. I had no clue where he was and no means of communication as he wasn’t answering his phone. I waited until about 7:15 and decided to put the items I got from CVS on the door step and 4 pine cones on the hood of the car that spelled out TC praying Jeff would once again put 2 and 2 together and contact me. I went to a local watering hole and drank 2 beers and at 8:09 decided to check to see if there was any chance I would run into Jeff. Amazingly as I’m walking up the street I see him walking to my car and after brief discussion, got the key to get in. If I hadn’t seen him I have to believe I would have been waiting until his game finished. He made mention that he would have checked his phone on the car ride but let’s just say I’m thankful it happened the way it did.

Situation 2
When I was going to park on the right side of the street tonight, I pulled into a spot that had one spot in front of it until the end of the street. I got a little too close to the guy behind me and only left about 6 inches. I’m kind of neurotic when it comes to parking and make sure I give at least a B performance in every situation. I had plenty of room ahead of me and after getting out and seeing how close I was, I decided to move up a few more inches. At the very moment before I start moving up and turn my lights on, a car behind me is looking to park in my exact spot. It looked like I was leaving the spot. In hindsight, I should have moved up a few inches and turned my car off. In the moment, I panicked and felt it would be rude to jump back in my car as it looked like I was leaving. I ended up driving around the block and parking in the same spot I originally had as the guy picked the forward of the two spots which made no sense. What are the chances this guy drives up the exact moment I’m looking to move up a few inches?

Yes. This is how my mind operates in these situations.